Beads tell a story!  They tell a story of a people, of a culture, of a planet.  I am a third-generation jewelry designer, and I fell in love with beads when my grandmother “Nonny” introduced me to her passion of jewelry making.  After she retired, she traveled the world collecting beads from every continent, but Africa and Asia were her favorites.  Nonny made the most unique and intricate jewelry I had ever seen.  The more unique the piece, the more interesting the story behind where and how she discovered the beads.  She passed that passion on to my mother, and to me.  I started making jewelry at the age of nine, and although I didn’t have much of a story then, I loved to make jewelry.  As I got older and began my own travels and sought new experiences; I continued to design pieces that told the story of who I was.  Today, I’m still ‘telling stories’, where I’ve been, what I’ve done, what I personally value… what makes me, ME.  The name Julielle represents my greatest creations, my children, and I thought it was a fitting name for the beautiful pieces I continue to create.  I hope my jewelry speaks to you; I design pieces that I hope help you tell YOUR story.